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Paper awards


MCED Award 2nd prize for Innovative Contributions to Ecological Modelling

Awarded to co-author Marianna Taffi by Ecological Society of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. (PAPER) (TOOL PAGE)

Valuable Artefacts Prize from Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford

"HeartVerify: model-based quantitative verification of implantable cardiac pacemakers". (TOOL PAGE)

Best Young Researcher Paper Award

Awarded to co-author Marianna Taffi by International Society of Ecological modelling. (PAPER) (TOOL PAGE)

Personal awards


Best Young Researcher Award

Awarded by the School of Advanced Studies of University of Camerino as the best Ph.D. student of the year. 

HPC-EUROPA fellowship on parallel agent-based simulation for bone remodeling.

Spent between the EPCC supercomputing centre of the University of Edinburgh and the Computer Laboratory of University of Cambridge. Approximate value: £1800. Duration: 3 months. 

(4x) Annual Merit Scholarships from University of Camerino

Obtained for four consecutive years for academic merit. 

Presentation awards


Best poster award at the Oxford Computer Science Conference

Poster title: "Closed-loop quantitative verification of rate-adaptive pacemakers" (Download Poster)

Best poster award at the 3rd Scientific Day of Camerino University

Poster title: "Computing the optimal cocktail: formal methods and hybrid control for scheduling multiple treatments" (Download Poster)

Best poster award at the 2nd Scientific Day of Camerino University

Poster title: "Multiple Verification in Complex Biological Systems: The Bone Remodelling Case Study" (Download Poster)

2nd Best poster award at the NETTAB 2012 workshop

Poster title: "How the Investigation of the link between marine food web and bioremediation would lead to an improved human health risk assessment" (Download Poster)

3rd Best poster award at the 2nd European Future Technologies Conference and Exhibition (EU FET flagship conference)

Poster title: "Methodological Bridges for Multi-Level Systems" (Download Poster)